Invisible Architectures


Invisible Architectures was `a micro-festival exploring the invisible yet influential substrates of urban existence’. This event took place in Newcastle upon Tyne, 9th-11th September 2011 and featured the work of Justin Bennett, Fabric | ch, Martin Howse, Katie Lloyd Thomas, Berit Greinke, Alessandro Altavilla, Lalya Gaye and Nicky Kirk. This project was initiated while undertaking a research-based residency at xsite architecture.

Invisible Architectures investigates the invisible yet nonetheless influential aspects of urban existence, approaching the city as a subliminal substrate active in the conditioning of the physiological, psychical and social. Invisible Architectures is part of a broader programme of atmospheric research into ambiences, backgrounds and atmospheres.

This project undertakes a programme of pedestrian research into the olfactory, thermal, electro-magnetic, acoustic, haptic and otherwise imperceptible layers of the city. While there is a primary focus upon the physical substrates of urban existence, the notion of the invisible within the context of the city expands beyond this limited scope in taking into account that which is hidden and that which hides from view. Invisibility is taken as marking a certain ideal efficiency of ideology, insofar as its imperceptibility marks its triumph and admission into the realm of common sense. Invisibility need not only express an unavailability to the eye, but that which remains without representation, the undocumented, the hidden and hiding. It names that which remains out of sight or that which cannot be seen according to an order or state of representation. In addition to that which remains invisible due to its material qualities, we aim to seek out architectures of the hidden and the illusive.

Author: Will Schrimshaw

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