Pure Potential


Pure Potential was the name given to a research residency and a series of events executed by myself and Jamie Allen during January 2016. The residency was focused upon developing practices and concepts concerned with noise understood as pure potential.

Particular concerns for the residency were:

  1. Conceptions of noise as metaphysical and inaesthetic / anti-aesthetic source of pure potential, rather than as a "transgressive" aesthetic.
  2. Distinctions between formal and aesthetic approaches to noise, an "Idea" of noise rather than a phenomenology of noise.
  3. Noise and the real, asymptotic approaches to both.
  4. Subtractive theories of creativity.
  5. Subtractive synthesis (both conceptual and sonic).

The Pure Potential residency was generously supported by III Initiative, Den Haag.


As part of the residency two reading / discussion groups were held at Stroom entitled "Noise as Pure Potential" and "Subtraction and Differentiation". A reader containing the following texts was compiled and used as a starting point for discussion on the residency's main themes.

  1. Genesis, Michel Serres.
  2. Advice to a Graduation, Glen Gould.
  3. Signal to Noise Ration, Friedrich Kittler.
  4. Cultural Techniques: Cacophony or Communication, Bernhard Siegert.
  5. The Ideal Synthesis of Difference, Gilles Deleuze.
  6. Genesis of the Entity from the Idea, Albert Lautman.
  7. The Position of the Problem of Ontogenesis, Gilbert Simondon.
  8. The Amplifying Relay, Gilbert Simondon.

Author: Will Schrimshaw

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