Resonator is an open research structure investigating the ambiguities of sound and vibrational phenomena as an interface between materialism and spiritualism. It will initially run between 8th & 13th March 2010 at Newcastle upon Tyne’s Stephenson Works building as part of AV Festival 10.

Resonator was initiated by Jamie Allen and Will Schrimshaw and featured the wonderful Nurit Bar-Shai, James D’Angelo, Yolande Haris, Martin Howse, Brandon LaBelle, Kanta Horio, John Stewart Reid, Ann Rosén and Ryu Hankil.

Opening Statements:

Sound is an ephemeral force often positioned at the threshold of the material and the transcendent. Through sound, the imperceptible becomes discernable while material actions dissolve into the ether. In both materialist and spiritualist belief systems sonic and sub- or extra-sonic vibrations are often understood as connecting us to a Larger Vibrational Continuum (LVC), of which sound occupies a small part. Extensions of this understanding hear sound and vibration as an expression of, and metaphor for, more universal resonances.

Sound-art works realized through installation, performance, non-performance, non-music and non-sounds are the focus of the Resonator structure. This performance-workshop-research structure solicits actions by artists and researchers that investigate relations between the sonic and the transcendent through the ontological grounding of sound and vibration.

Through a procedural performance-workshop and idea exchange, participants will investigate potential synergies between the physical and metaphysical. Theologians, developers, spiritualists, artists, mystics, holists and producers are pitted and paired towards the production of sonic ecologies and environments. Actions investigating the impression of the ephemeral upon reality are to be the primary focus of the Resonator structure. Through flexible, open discussion and collaboration, participants will be active in the production of material relics through interaction with the medium of sound.

Resonator was generously supported by AV10, Culture Lab Newcastle and Arts Council England.

Author: Will Schrimshaw

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